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Getting Help Common Issues Ask Delilah

Common Questions:

  1. My computer keeps powering down on me.

  2. How can I back up the personal data on my computer?

Got a issue that isn't listed?  "Ask Delilah" for some help. 




  1. Problem:  My computer keeps powering down on me.  Answer:  Your power settings might be forcing your computer into suspend mode or hibernation too quickly.  Make sure these power settings are properly configured.  To do this click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click Power Options.  (You may need to "switch to category view" to see this choice.) The Power Options Properties dialog box opens, as shown below.

The setting shown above are good for most people.  Two big drains on computer batteries are the monitors and the hard disks.   You want them to turn off whenever they can.  "System standby" should occur if you are not using your machine for an hour or so.  This will put your machine in a sleep that you can power up from by pressing the power button.  It's recommended that you not allow the machine to place itself in hibernation.

To learn more about power management, try this site


  1. Question:  How can I back up the personal data on my computer to a CD?

    a.    Insert a blank CD-R into a connected CD drive. 

    b.    The dialogue box below should appear.  Select “Open writable CD folder.”

    c.     Then, a blank window will appear.  Keep this window open and move it to the side.  Open your “My Documents” folder.  Drag any files/folders you want to backup onto the blank window. 

    d.    Once you have all the files you want to backup listed, click “Write these files to CD.”

    e.       The CD Writing Wizard will guide you through the remaining process. 

    f.        Your backup CD will eject, when it is complete. 

page last modified: June 01, 2009